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          MODA Collection is proud to be the representative of Zucchetti products in the USA.


A long story

The roots of Gruppo Zucchetti are sunk in solid family tradition. Three generations

have followed on since 1929 when Zucchetti Rubinetteria was founded.

Research, technological innovation and product quality have always been

Zucchetti’s trademark.

Today the company’s tradition of constant evolution is continuing with the

most recent success stories that interpret the Zucchetti philosophy perfectly,

where design and technological innovation blend together to produce items that

represent a point of reference all over the world.


Every one of Zucchetti’s lines has its own aesthetic “vocation” that recalls a

specific architectural language. Right from the start the company’ felt the need

to distinguish itself by excellent quality and constant aesthetic innovation.

As early as the 70s Zucchetti was already producing lines that were strongly

influenced by design so it was not by chance that in recent years Zucchetti

decided to work with architects of international acclaim such as Matteo Thun and

Antonio Rodriguez, creators of the revolutionary Isy system and the recent Bellagio;

Barbara Sordina, who designed  Aguablu, Raul Barbieri who created Spin, or

Roberto e Ludovica Palomba creators of the Pan and Soft collection.

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